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Is ideal for surface prep after drywall sanding, and before painting. It can be used wet or dry, for mopping floors and cleaning walls. It lays down the surface of drywall after sanding to create the best level 5 drywall finish you can have. Fits these adapters R-0006 or the R-0006A

Drywall Mop Sponge | R-0013

SKU: R-0013
  • Sponge Mob by Rankee is used to help prevent flashing after taping drywall. Flashing is when the paint absorbs into the surface unevenly. We recommend lightly mopping your gypsum board laying down the fine hairs that stand up from sanding and removing dust. This can save time and money! Do this before your primer if smooth wall or before you do a spare texture that’s not very thick. This will help to prevent flashing once painted. Just another step in preparing walls for paint after taping.                                

    • adapters R-0006 or the R-0006A
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