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Knock-Down Adapter has been designed to fit Wal-Board Tools Knives and work with Rankees twist-lock drywall poles. It also works with ToolPros knives. All you have to do is unscrew the handle and screw this adapter to the knife and you can use it with any major brand corner roller pole. 45 degree angle to knock-down any texture or tape from the ground.


Knock-Down Adapter will fit the following RANKEE Extendable Handles:

  • R-0001 Rankee Corner Roller Handle 3'-8' (BEST SELLING)
  • R-0005 Short Drywall Handle 15"-24"
  • R-0121 Extra-long Extendable Drywall Handle 4.5'-12'
  • R-0030 Angle Box Handle 46"-68"

Knock-Down Drywall Knife Adapter for Wal-Board Tools Knifes - 45° | R-0018

SKU: R-0018
  • Knock Down Adapter has been designed to fit most major brands of replacement drywall blades

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