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Plastic Coarse Thread Adapter will expand corner roller handles use in many different areas, such as brushes, window cleaning tools, mop heads, paint rollers, sanding heads, texture brushes and more. Works with USG Sheetrock Drywall Sander "No Flip" Head Design, and Columbia Pole Sander Head - No-Flip Design with Quick Release Clips. THREADED ADAPTER SCREWS INTO ANY STANDARD CORNER ROLLER HANDLE - Rankee, TapeTech, Level 5, Columbia (Colombia), Drywall Master, North Star. 

Plastic Coarse Thread Adapter for Drywall Corner Roller Poles | R-0006

SKU: R-0006
  • Plastic Coarse Thread Adapter will allow you to use our multi-use corner roller handles with most Sanding Heads, Texture Brushes, Knockdown Knives and Paint Rollers. Also known as a universal adapter.

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