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WipeDown Knife Adapter has been designed to fit Kraft, Wal-Board, and most major brands replacement drywall wipedown knives. WipeDown Knife Adapter will fit the following RANKEE twist lock handles:

  • R-0001 Rankee Corner Roller Handle 3'-8' (BEST SELLING)
  • R-0005 Short Drywall Handle 15"-24"
  • R-0121 Extra-long Extendable Drywall Handle 4.5'-12'
  • R-0030 Angle Box Handle 46"-68"

WipeDown Drywall Adapter for Kraft & Wal-Board Tools Knives | R-0017

SKU: R-0017
  • Wipe Down Knife Adapter has been designed to fit most major brands of replacement drywall wipe down knifes. This is a great adapter to use with your multi-use corner roller handle.

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